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FiberCreme™ Company

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PT. Lautan Natural Krimerindo

is a leading company of food and beverages ingredients, specialized in spray dried ingredients and powder premixes, established in 2010 in East Java, Indonesia. With the vision to be a world class ingredients company which focuses on creating value for customers and shareholders, we aim to deliver high quality food ingredients and provide manufacturing solutions to our customer to achieve business enhancement. Our RND expertise, supported by the latest technology machineries and certified quality management system allow us to cater to a range of consumers and market needs from across the world. 

Invented by PT Lautan Natural Krimerindo, FiberCremeis a multi-purpose fiber ingredient that is designed to combine the benefits of soluble dietary fiber with enhanced sensorial experience to cater to a wide range of applications.

Do you know what is FiberCreme ?

Delicious and indulgent, FiberCreme™ has pleasing sensory attributes, but also contains high levels of fiber and able to promote healthy diet. It adds richness to any food and beverages while helping you meet your daily intake fiber requirements.

The   combination   of   high   quality   raw   materials   and   state-of-the-art  spray  drying  technology  in  FiberCreme™  allows  us  to  produce  an  excellent  encapsulated  fat  and  fiber powder that provides maximum health benefits. Besides, FiberCreme™ offers  more  than  just  health benefits  as  it  enhances  organoleptic  functionalities especially  in  creaminess  and  sweetness  for  different applications which adds a greater sensorial experience in food and beverage products, supplements, powders, etc.