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FiberCreme™ for Beverages

Plant based re-imagined: better taste & health functionality

Innovation in dairy-alternative is growing, with a more expansive range of new options on the shelves. When it comes to introducing a successful dairy-alternative to the market, taste, texture and nutrition are important. As one of the key barriers, lack of similarity in the taste and texture compared to the dairy product should get more attention from the brands while developing and improving the products. 

Adding FiberCreme™ as one of the ingredients of dairy-alternative beverages may resulting in better taste by masking the off notes, improve overall taste as well as creating better mouthfeel. In order to provide health claims and improving the nutritional value of the product, high fiber & less sugar will differentiate the product from the crowd.


  • Increase mouthfeel and can mask the off notes in dairy alternatives without resulting in unwanted muting original taste. 
  • Can be utilized as a sugar reduction ingredient in sweetened dairy alternatives beverages. 
  • Can boost the dietary fiber in dairy alternatives beverages 
  •  Function as prebiotics which helps to protect the digestive system and overall wellness.

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