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FiberCreme™ for Coffee Beverages

Your healthier creamer alternative

Coffee has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Health consciousness amongst consumers has a lot to do with the trend. To cater to health-conscious consumers, manufacturers have to make adjustments to their coffee products in order to keep up with changing trends and demands, including ones with enhanced taste, reduced sugar, lower fat, and added dietary fiber.  

FiberCreme has been trusted to be part of various types of beverages in F&B industry. With FiberCreme, it’s now easier to enhance the nutritional value of coffee beverages, be it instant coffee powder or RTD coffee, and add mouthfeel to maintain the excellent flavor and physical appearance desired by consumers.


  • Enhance the creamy taste and mouthfeel 
  • Enhances the organoleptic functionality  
  • Stable in high temperature process (RTD Coffee Prototype) 
  • Can be utilized as a sugar reduction ingredient while providing creamy & sweet organoleptic profile 
  • High fiber content that has prebiotics functionality to increase the nutritional value 

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