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FiberCremefor Elderly Nutrition

Maintaining Your Digestive Health and Cognitive Memory in the Later Years

As the aging population is expected to continue to grow in the years ahead, many are looking into consuming products which are able to maintain or boost their health in one way or another. Decline in digestive health, muscle mass loss and cholesterol levels are among the top concerns among the aging population.  

FiberCreme™ provides a solution for manufacturers who are looking into developing products for the aging population by providing a base that utilizes dietary fiber that is able to help maintain the digestive health. Furthermore, FiberCreme™ for elderly utilizes MCT oil that is beneficial for increasing cognitive memory and there is also the added protein that can help to prevent muscle mass loss for the aging community.


  • Prebiotic fiber within FiberCreme will help maintain the digestive health among elders  
  • MCT oil can be used to increase cognitive memory and is suitable for alzheimer patients  
  • As a source of protein, FiberCreme can help to lower the risks of muscle mass loss and sarcopenia  
  • Emulsification of FiberCreme™ will provide better solubility and stability in comparison to single ingredients  
  • Suitable to be used as a base and combined with other ingredients such as flavorings

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