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FiberCreme™ for Fruit Juice

Restores the dietary fiber back in fruit juice

Whether your fruit juice products are produced in powder or liquid form, they will lose the fiber content that is naturally found present in whole fruits. Furthermore, the highly acidic environments of fruit juice means that the ingredients used in your products have to be able to withstand the acidity.  

Thanks to our FiberCreme, We can help you to boost the fiber content lost during processing of your fruit juice products while enhancing the organoleptic profile of your products.


  • Acid stable making it suitable for fruit juice products 
  • Boost the dietary fiber lost during fruit juice production 
  • FiberCreme’s flexibility means it can be used in milky fruit juice products 
  • FiberCreme can function as prebiotics which helps to protect the digestive system 
  • FiberCreme showed better stability in comparison to other fiber sources 
  • Addition of FiberCreme enhances the organoleptic functionality of fruit juice products

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