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FiberCreme™ for Mayonnaise

Dietary fiber with sugar reduction capabilities

As consumers are increasingly becoming more selective with the products that they consume, many products which falls under the category of indulgent products such as mayonnaise are beginning to adapt to the needs of the consumers. This creates the rise of functional mayonnaise that provides health functionality such as low or reduced fat mayonnaise.  

FiberCreme provides a solution for mayonnaise manufacturers as it contains dietary fiber that provides it with prebiotics functionality that is beneficial to maintain the digestive health. Moreover, FiberCreme can be utilized in reduced fat mayonnaise as a fat and sugar reduction ingredient while providing superior organoleptic functionality in mayonnaise products.


  • Excellent encapsulated fat and fiber powder 
  • Produced using state-of-the-art spray drying technology  
  • Prebiotics functionality  
  • Addition of FiberCreme will increase the fiber content of mayonnaise 
  • Can be utilized as a fat reduction ingredient by reducing oil usage 
  • Can be utilized as a sugar reduction ingredient while providing creamy & sweet organoleptic profile 
  • Increases mouthfeel, less watery and can mask sourness notes in reduced fat mayonnaise application.

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