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FiberCreme™ for Meal Replacement

Meal Replacement Solutions with Optimal Nutrition and Pleasant Taste

Meal replacements contain variety of functional ingredients which can open the door to new market opportunities. Future concerns in the meal replacement market segment will depend on not only the nutritional content and consumers’ desires, but also on the taste, texture, mouthfeelness, and at the same time the ability to prevent palate fatigue due to multiple flavors. 

FiberCreme for meal replacement can be combined with other functional ingredients to be more beneficial for health. FiberCreme allows us to produce an excellent fiber ingredient powder that has pleasing sensory attributes, thus adding a greater sensory experience when applied to meal replacement product.


  • Optimal nutrition in meal replacement with high fiber content 
  • Function as prebiotics which helps to protect the digestive system and overall wellness. 
  • Enhances the organoleptic functionality  
  • Provides better organoleptic functionality 
  • Can be utilized as a sugar reduction ingredient 

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