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What makes FiberCreme different?

  • High dietary fiber content that is easy to formulate
  • Prebiotics functionality which helps to maintain the digestive health  
  • Good source of fats from coconut oil that is trans-fat free  
  • Natural sweetness from soluble dietay fiber with low-sugar content  
  • High tolerate dosage of up to 50-60 grams per day  
  • Enhance the creaminess, sweetness & mouthfeelness in different applications 
  • Ideal for fiber fortifications & sugar reduction ingredient 
  • Plant-based options  
  • Supported by internationally published clinical studies

Product Range

Range of Fat SourcesRange of Dietary FiberVariants Highlight
HCNOIMOPlant Based (oat protein, almond protein, pea protein)
MCT (Palm Based)InulinNo SSL
MCT (Coconut Based)Clean Label
RBDCNOAcid Stable
HCNOAllergent Free